We are thankful for our 44 years, grateful to our employees who have made it possible, and lucky for customers who appreciate our work. As we continue the process of closing, we remind our customers and fans that we have ceased production and are not accepting any custom, casegood, new, or Etsy orders. Plainly, we are closing.


Rumblings that we have been purchased, are licensing our name or designs, or are moving our operations are unfounded. We'll be the first to let you all know if that changes.


Finally, Don is in fine health, holding forth with advice and opinions from the genius of Mark Twain, the brilliance of Neil deGrasse Tyson to the ineffectiveness of Congress, the merits of plum pudding and the history of art, war and human nature. He'll be the first to let you all know if any of that changes.


Wright Table Company

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Some guidelines...Learn Wright's Wrules.

   These will save you and your customer lots of grief about table sizes.

   Take this page to a quiet place. Sit down. Commit to memory...


Wright's Wrule of Wrectangles:

   You will need one foot of length for every soul you intend to feed.

   Eight people = eight feet. Ten people = ten feet.


Wright's Wrule of Wrounds is more difficult:  

   You may seat as many people at a wround table as its diameter in inches divided by eight.


And Wright's Wrule of Wrooms:    

   A big table will not fit in a small wroom.


*And please remember, oversize chairs wrequire more wroom.