Wright Table Company

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We make this rustic design as a dining table or cocktail table, writing table or, as above, a console in any size you wish.
No. 680 Spanish Console
This group (the 2000 Series) is a variation on a theme. For an upcharge, we will make these any size you like. Note the beading on the top, apron and legs. We think these look best when made to look old. The saw marks are for the brave only. They're optional. If you would like a thicker top, please give us a call.
No. 2005 Cocktail Table
This is the shorter of two similar sideboards. Please see the No. 1837 Sideboard at 80" long. The recurved or serpentine front is foreshortened by the camera lens, so we have included this small photo here. The legs terminate in a spade foot, which, no doubt, has something to do with an English digging tool. Note that the face of the front legs are truncated to follow the curve of the carcass and notice the unusual grain pattern on the drawer fronts.
No. 1827 Serpentine Sideboard
Gary Young Antiques is on Route 213 in the Eastern Shore town of Centreville, Maryland. I stop in on the way to my family's former farm. On the third floor in the farthest corner, I found the original of this table. It is as handsome a piece as we have ever made. The piece is larger and heavier than it appears in this photograph. The bowfront is more curved or buxom that it shows here. A large tea service or monteith would not overpower it. The shelf is optional. As a bedside table it can carry a large lamp. The drawers are beaded and I was suprised at the thickness of the top, just under a half an inch. A wonderful table with lovely hardware.
No. 522S Side Table with Shelf
We designed these Tuscan stools for Jim Noble’s Rooster’s Wood-fired Kitchen in Charlotte. The seat is very comfortable with well-rounded edges. Note that the footrest on one side is higher than on the other side to accommodate tall and short people.
No. 119 Tuscan Bar Stool
The side chair is a comb back windsor. Variations of windsors (bow back, splat back, etc. have been in continuous prodcution since the 1750s in both England and North America. In England, the seat was often made of elm, wheras pine and poplar were typically used here.
No. 101 Windsor Side Chair
Pedestal tables are comfortable because the user does not have to deal with a table leg. This one has the added comfort of no apron rail. Tall people should seek a table design without aprons.
No. 660 S-Curve Pedestal Table
Shown in Curly Maple 2 (step darker than Curly Maple 1)
No. 1111  Octagon Table
No. 1104 Tiny Table in Antique Brown SA
No. 1104 Tiny Table
No. 560 Pearwood SA
No. 560 Drop Leaf Table
Banded Overlaid Top
No. 660 Custom End Table
The larger version of our No. 1108, this chairside table is the best selling small table in the line. Put a cocktail on it use it as an end table. It goes anywhere. About a dozen went to Nantucket.
No. 1108 Tiny Table
Beds are shipped completely disassembled. We use mortise-and-tenon construction held with in-line bolts. A socket wrench and an open end wrench will do. Beds are very sturdily built with slightly heavier post than antiques of similar design. They are rattle free. Really.
No. 596 King Pencil Post Bed
The No. 570 Armoire is a large, highly adaptable vertical cabinet that can be fitted out for whatever purposes you have in mind. In simple terms, you could make a giant chest of drawers or a flight of a dozen or so shelves, or some combination of the same. You could adapt the interiors to hold home entertainment equipment. This item comes with (2) 9” Drawers, (2) 6” Drawers, (4) Shelves and two built in lights.
No. 570 Armoire


Should you request an item in a different size, wood or finish, we'll be thrilled to make it for you. We're a custom company and build to your specifications. Just note  your order will likely be considered custom, unlike the stock and sale pieces below and will be priced accordingly.  Give us a call, we're happy to answer any questions.

These items are current in our inventory  - finished and ready to ship! We're old school and currently accept payment by check only. Adding items to a cart online will only result in frustration for you and lack of a sale for us! Just pick up the phone and give us a ring (828) 437-2766,  9AM-5PM, EST, M-F. If you insist on using newfangled technology, you may email us at Rest assured, we'll get back to you!