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Wright Table Company

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No. WR-24 High-Low Table

40L 40W 20H

Other widths available.

Top Travel: 26"

Height Up: Adjustable 25,26,27 inches

Available in: Cherry, Curly Maple, Mahogany, Oak & Walnut

40L 40W 20H Other widths available

Top Travel: 26"

Height Up: Adjustable 25,26,27 inches

Species: Mahogany, or Cherry tops

    Our first piece of motion furniture, this cocktail table is also a dinner table for two or a work table for one. Using a clever arrangement of pivot arms, counterweights, gravity, and very little effort, the top of this table may be lifted and pulled 26" toward the occupant(s) of a sofa or lounge chair. Other widths available. Plain, Mitered, or Breadboard tops. Note that current versions will have an overhang.

      In the up position the top is very stable, and height adjustable. You will not spill your coffee; the table will not tip over on you. To put the top down, grab the edge of the top, push away and gently lower it. You will not pinch your fingers between the top and the frame because we have a gravity operated lever that prevents the top from completely closing. Push the lever aside (and out of sight) and the top lowers to the frame. The table is easy to operate.


  The metal is hand-wrought steel and copper, except for the counterweights. The table is heavy and the counterweights swing the opposite direction from the top, adding to its stability. There are no springs, no stampings, and no patent numbers. Shown in Sand/Antique finish without overhang. Note that current versions will have overhang. Also available in powder coated colors (base), painted & select finishes.