We are thankful for our 44 years, grateful to our employees who have made it possible, and lucky for customers who appreciate our work. As we continue the process of closing, we remind our customers and fans that we have ceased production and are not accepting any custom, casegood, new, or Etsy orders. Plainly, we are closing.


Rumblings that we have been purchased, are licensing our name or designs, or are moving our operations are unfounded. We'll be the first to let you all know if that changes.


Finally, Don is in fine health, holding forth with advice and opinions from the genius of Mark Twain, the brilliance of Neil deGrasse Tyson to the ineffectiveness of Congress, the merits of plum pudding and the history of art, war and human nature. He'll be the first to let you all know if any of that changes.


Wright Table Company

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   The No. WR-1 French Scroll Base. Custom made any size. Hand forged from very heavy barstock. Suitable for round, inscribed octagon, oval or square wood tops. Please let us know if you wish to use a glass or stone top.

4507206143_630x443.jpg 4507206226_350x291.jpg 4516560668_563x329.jpg

WR-1 French Scroll Conference or Dining Table

120 L 44W 30H

Shown in Cherry. Available any size.


WR-1 French Scroll Pilasters

95 1/2 L 14 3/4 W 37H

Shown in Mahogany


Please note that these pilasters could also be used as brackets for a wall mounted desk for instance; or inverted for a fireplace mantel.