Wright Table Company

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Where may I purchase Wright Table furniture?

      Through authorized dealers and interior designers. "Designer discount" memberships are not authorized distributors, do not reflect accurate pricing and are largely unfamiliar with our product and array of options.


May I buy direct?

       We are happy to direct you to our nearest dealer or designer as we do not sell directly to customers at this time.


Where are your prices?

      Please contact your nearest dealer or designer for pricing information.


What are the shipping costs?

      Your dealer or designer will provide that information for you as we defer to their choice of carrier. We do not price or track shipping.


What size table should I order?

      Please see WRIGHT'S WRULES under the NEWS menu.


Do you import your furniture?

      With the exception of one chair and one stool, our furniture is made from start to finish in Burke County, North Carolina by the employees of Wright Table Company. We import one stool and one chair from Honduras and one chair from Pennsylvania.


How do I clean my furniture?

    If you can't put it in your mouth, don't put it on the table. Use a MILD solution of Dawn Dish Detergent (original blue formula) and water

(1 teaspoon Dawn to 1 gallon water). Please DO NOT USE: Windex, Formula 409, Simple Green, Clorox Cleanup or other kitchen and bath cleaners, they WILL damage the finish.


    Waxing and polishing our furniture will NOT protect the finish, only make it shinier. Over time the wax and polish will attract a layer of grime. Nail polish and remover, alcohol, acetates, vinyls(synthetic rubber as  well as catalogue binders) and any hard-to-spell fast-drying chemical will harm our finishes. Water puddled beside an iced tea glass for an hour or two will not hurt our finish.

    The point of a knife, tine of a fork and other weapons of destruction dropped on the table will break through the protective lacquer film. That break, however small, should be repaired by a practitioner of the art. Your furniture dealer knows such a person.


     Earthenware or any pottery with a rough underside should be lightly sanded with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper to remove any rough burrs. The more rustic the pottery, the more likely the burrs will exist. These burrs will scratch the finish, requiring immediate repair.


How do I print images from this site?

   Most images can be printed from this site by clicking the image once. A small white box should appear with  the words "Download File." Click on that box to save the image to your desktop, from which you should be  able to print or email the image. Please email us to request images and tear sheets.