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Wright Table Company

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78L 18W 34H

Finish: Sauterne/VSA

     The No. WR-13 Cypress Table. Being slightly to the right of Attila-the-Hun, this is a stretch for me. Naturally, our blacksmith, Dean Curfman, is thrilled about this sort of thing. (He refers to this as a tee-shirt burner. The smell of burning cotton indicates the belly is too close to the hot metal.) For the rest of us it's like seasickness; you either get it, or you don't. Note the heavy top. Made any size. Call for pricing.

No. WR-13 Demi Lune Top


The same construction as the original Cypress table, but with a demi lune top. This table is available in custom sizes as well. We've also designed it as a dining table with a glass top. Spectacular.

No. WR 13 Cypress Base Demi Lune Factory No. 660 Round Top WR-13 Cypress Base Fall

No. WR-13 Console


Again, any size, any shape. Just give us a call.

No. WR-13 Cypress Table