Wright Table Company

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After 44 years, we are closing the company.

We are no longer accepting custom orders.

For remaining items in stock, please see our Etsy Inventory Sale

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Monday - Friday, 9AM-5PM Eastern


(S) Standard

A misleading term for this level as most of our pieces are distressed at the Severe Antique level. Standard is very little distressing, edges good, looks new.


(SA) Severe Antique

Our most common level of distressing. Heavy physical distress, edges show heavy wear, surface shows evidence of rowdy children, looks old and extensively used. A great look. Blends in very well with antiques.


(VSA) Very Severe Antique

Very heavy physical distress, edges occasionally damaged by splinter tear outs. Surface is abused. Evidence of rowdy adults. Repairs. Specify on cocktail tables, provincial pieces. Not appropriate for more formal pieces.


We can also add routing, wormholes, saw marks and tear outs.


*NOTE:  Though we strongly advise against it, we do offer items with no distressing.